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How the HappyOrNot service works


Listen to your customers and employees. Get feedback on-site or online with our Smileys


Keep an eye on your business performance with our web-based data analytics reporting service


Make developments and share the improvement results with customers and employees

Feedback collecting Smileys

Smiley Terminal

Improve your customer and employee satisfaction with our wireless, always on, Smiley Terminals. Effortless set up in just minutes, right at the point-of-experience. Pop in your survey question and instantly start collecting feedback.

Customers and employees respond to the survey question by pressing the Smiley that best corresponds to their experience. Response data is transmitted via secure cellular network to our web-based reporting service where it is analyzed and ready for review.

Web Smileys

Collect feedback from your website visitors with ease. Ask your customized online experience question and capture the user’s feeling when interacting with your website. After a Smiley is clicked, an open feedback box appears. Responses are collected and analyzed in our web-based Reporting Service.

A simple script added to your web page makes the web smiley panel immediately active. Questions can be easily changed whenever needed. Plus, because our 4 Smileys are globally recognized, customers instantly know how to use them, making feedback fast, easy, and fun.

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Monitoring and results analysis

Reporting Service

Track and learn how well you are performing to your service promise. Our reporting service collects and analyses your response data and displays your results in a clear format. Seeing your performance via your feedback results makes improvement initiatives easy to identify, track, and validate.

Email reports

You can easily track the ranking and trending data and compare your survey results to your operational activities. The result summaries are conveniently sent straight to your email.

The complete service package

Smiley Terminal & Web Smileys

Capture the happiness levels of your customers and employees easily and instantly, on-site or online

Reporting Service & Email Reports

Follow your result data and learn when and where to improve your business performance

Interaction Reports & Social Sharing

Share  your results and grow your profits with improved customer and employee satisfaction

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