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Create and launch automated voice surveys

and message campaigns


With Speaq® you can create your survey and launch it within minutes.

Run your live voice campaign in minutes

We have the perfect solution for you


Speaq is the perfect solution for anyone from any industry who wants to run live voice campaigns.

Message Campaign

Broadcast a pre-recorded message to selected recipients e.g. bulletins, advertisements etc.

Survey Campaign

Run voice-based surveys asking recipients multiple questions.

Agent Campaign

Play recorded message prompts and transfer call to agents.

Why Speaq?

Standardized Voice

Speaq® uses pre-recorded voices (your own voice or a selected voice from our library), You control the voice that represents your brand.


The turnaround time from the time of initiating the system to the time of completion
is 6 times faster than traditional techniques.

Real Time Data/Automated Charts

All responses are stored in real time, allowing you to have immediate access to
results as surveys are completed.


No cheating. The numbers you upload are the numbers that will be called
until completion.

Cost Effective

This system costs less than hiring a call centre, staff or a research company to make
calls for you.


A simple and easy to use system with little to no training required.

Automated Reports

Easily view and assess the progress of a campaign with charts and tables.

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